Tweeting in lectures being encouraged

social networking can be an amazing resource, but using it to critique lectures while in it? Seems like an effort to keep up with the new technology without making the effort to understand how it can add to the experience

Dries Van Noten Presents… James Reeve’s Lightscapes

Dries Van Noten Presents… James Reeve’s Lightscapes

sometimes the desire to create something visual can go horribly wrong, and some of the worthy offenders are fashion ads, and in particular, fragrance commercials.

The fashionistas who’ve created this work have obviously looked up the word ‘profundity’ in the dictionary thinking it’s spelt ‘pretentious’. These commercials are invariably shot in black and white [or a sepia variation] because their brains haven’t quite grasped the concept of colour

John Hegarty
I have shot every image in here but every one was a collaboration. Photography is never a solitary exercise
True words from Rankin. It’s the interaction between the photographer and the subjects that makes the picture

A fun bit of scripting that allows you to tune the mood

would be great on a tv or big screen

Google launches iTunes rival Google Music | News | Marketing Week

can google play a real rival to the monopoly of iTunes?

impressive 3d mapping

Newcastle to sell naming rights to St James’ Park | News | Marketing Week

seems a sell out, but worth it for the revenue stream - works well for academy

What can’t be concealed, should be flaunted
Kingsley Amis